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FAQ – (Frequently Asked Questions)

The world really really needs help these days. There is so much wrong and it is scary out there. What most dont understand that EVERYONE (currently 8,114,801,557 @ 7:57 EDT June 9, 2024) all affect each other like dominos.

Our blog/articles are here to help people Educate and Evolve/Enlighten as it seems many are oblivious to their actions or to the connections between each other. Everything each and everyone of us does effects others. Time to take a good look at our integrity and make some positive changes.

Rather then attack a capital building or honk horns we decided to use our words/common sense. ALL our Articles/Posts and Projects are designed to help the World as a whole.
This website was an 'after thought' and in reality put together within a day. Currently our focus was the design and layout/function. Yes, the website has been here for a long time but wasn't put into purpose until recently.

There will be more added as time allows. Currently I am between jobs and am still searching after 6 months. Thank you for your patience.
We have ads on our website now because hosting cost money, services cost money, equipment costs money. Other then the countless hours we put into what we do to HELP or ENTERTAIN people we have expenses that need to be paid.

Every click, sub, follow and donation goes a long way BUT don't think we are rich and rolling in cash. We lose money each month currently (you are welcome for how generous we are).

We need you as creators because although we do this as a passion to help people or entertain people, we have bills too. Thank you in advance for all the support you can give.
Yes you can but we are still deciding on the best methods for this. Please stay tuned.